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  • David Vance

CODE Building Charlottesville

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of touring the new Code Building with Rob Archer.

The Code Building, which stands for Center of Developing Entrepreneurs ( is a new building currently being constructed on the west end of Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. One portion of the building is where the old ice rink used to be. This is an amazing multi-level structure with carefully planned outdoor terraces and light-filled indoor spaces.

Part of the Code Building will be occupied by Codebase (, which is being managed by Rob Archer. For those of you who have not worked out at ACAC with Rob (or his wife Sandy) or enjoyed Arch’s yogurt (from way back when), I am sorry to say, you have missed a great time! Rob is a wonderful mix of deep intelligence, kindness, energy, and a smile that immediately relaxes you.

Man-crush aside, Rob was kind enough to give me a full tour of the Code Building, specifically highlighting Codebase’s various opportunities for office space for individual entrepreneurs, small groups of entrepreneurs, and full-fledged companies that need office space.

The Codebase portion of the Code Building looks amazing. Light will stream in through the glass walls, and there will be open tables, nooks, private phone booths, a lactation room, snack bar, showers, single and multiple desk private offices, and full-on private office suites available to rent. Codebase is set up for larger-scale events with a small amphitheater for meetings and gatherings (when those finally happen again). Codebase will even have its own fountain area in the center of the building (see the triangle shown in a photo below).

This looks like a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who need office space. If you are looking for a shared table a few days a week, your own locked office, or perhaps a larger space for your company, Codebase might be a perfect home for you.

Enjoy some of the photos I took during my tour (and check out that cool Ohio State mask)!

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