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David Vance of VanceIP Starts a New Chapter with Denovo Biopharma

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

David Vance, founder/owner of VanceIP has been providing personalized and creative intellectual property services to clients of varying industries since 2003. In helping clients from startups to global powerhouses for almost twenty years, a new opportunity has been offered to David from Denovo Biopharma. Effective January 11, 2022, David became the Intellectual Property Attorney for Denovo Biopharma in a full-time capacity. This is an important development for both David Vance and VanceIP as it will allow David to best contribute his skills, experience, and value to an organization that seeks a professional with very specific qualifications. Some specific areas of concentration and responsibilities will include assisting Denovo with bringing in house and maintaining its large patent portfolio, helping them create a patent estate around their upcoming biomarker discoveries, and evaluating new licensing opportunities.

As David concentrates his time and efforts with Denovo Biopharma, the VanceIP firm will continue to exist as it has over the last twenty years, although availability and capacity to perform services will be limited. David believes, as he always has, that innovative businesses need help protecting the next big thing! As David enters this new chapter, he is committed to servicing clients directly or referring them to a reputable attorney or firm who can.

VanceIP is grateful for its numerous clients, partners, and friends over the years. It is because of their dedication, loyalty, and continued relationships, VanceIP has been successful as a law firm and continues to serve as a dependable resource for inventors and innovators. A special thank you to Gardella Grace, specifically Greg Gardella and Esther Carner, for the opportunity to partner with them during the second half of 2021.



Denovo Biopharma is a privately held biotech company providing a novel biomarker solution to personalize drug development. Their platform can be broadly applied to biomarker discovery in many therapeutic areas, such as oncology, metabolic, cardiology, immunology and neurology. For more information, visit their website at

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