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Patent Quiz Answers!

Last month we posted 4 patent eligibility questions. If you're like many, you've been impatiently waiting on the answers. Well, here they are! 1. Data tables. Data storage system with a logical table means, logical rows, logical columns, and a means for indexing. Patent Eligible?

Yes! The Enfish Court concluded that the claims were "directed to an improvement of an existing technology..." 2. Computer animation. Method for automatically animating lip synchronization and facial expression of three-dimensional characters. Patent Eligible?

Yes! The McRO Court concluded that the claims were directed to an improvement of a human-based task (computers providing accurate lip synchronization-something that previously only humans could do). Automation of human tasks can be "patent eligible if properly claimed."

3. Cardiac monitoring device. Claimed a device that identified heartbeats, ventricular beats, logic to determine relevance to atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter, and an event generator. Patent Eligible?

Yes! The Cardionet Court concluded that the claims were directed to an improvement of cardiac monitoring technology and not directed to a result or effect.

4. Diagnostic method. A three-step method for identifying MuSK (muscle specific tyrosine kinase) antibodies to diagnose a related disorder. Patent Eligible?

No! The Athena Court concluded that the claims were directed to a law of nature (a correlation between the presence of autoantibodies and a disease).

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